About Phu My Hung Company

“On the wild marshland, a group of people have tried their best over the past 15 years to set up the current Phu My Hung New Urban Area. Based on these sizable projects, another group of people continue to develop HoChiMinh City toward the East Sea”. (Lawrence S. Ting, the late Chairman of CT&D Group and Phu My Hung Corp.)

Phu My Hung Development Corporation (PMH Corp)  The Infrastructure developer of the New City Center. The company was established on May 19th, 1993 as a joint-venture between the HoChiMinh City People’s Committee (represented by the Tan Thuan Industrial Promotion Company) and the Central Trading & Development Group, headquartered in Taiwan.


Tan Thuan Industrial Promotion Corporation (IPC) was founded in 1989, aiming to develop export processing zones to enhance the socio-economic growth in HCM City. Tan Thuan Export Processing Zone was established for this reason, followed by Phu My Hung urban development project.

This is also the first infrastructure project of attracting foreign investment in Vietnam. After 25-year development, IPC has become one of typical businesses of the city in investing infrastructure for the economic growth and urban development, executing the “Eastbound Sea movement” strategy and playing important role in promoting the development of South area of HCM City.

IPC comes up with innovative and pioneering projects that create initiatives for the new policies and models in boosting the economic and urban growth as well as transferring the marsh land in South area of HCM city into the industrial zones and modern city center with well-established infrastructure.

IPC’s Scope of works

  • Develop and execute infrastructure projects for export processing zones, industrial parks, new residential areas in HCM city and other regions
  • Provide necessary services for industrial parks and export processing zones
  • Provide maritime trade and transportation services (ship broking, ship agency, debarking, shipping services)
  • Make financial investment to other businesses

The key resources of IPC are creativity and great economic vision, human resource management in line with scientific researches that turn concepts into feasible projects. Therefore, IPC is now an efficient supporter of the State in creating attractive environment for domestic and foreign companies’ investments. IPC always places the benefits of the society and economic on the top when executing projects of developing HCM city in general and the South area in particular.

After 25 years of development, IPC has been awarded the “First-grade Labor Medal” and the Prime Mister’s Certificate of Merit …

Tan Thuan Industrial Promotion Corporation (IPC)

19F, IPC Building, 1489 Nguyen Van Linh, Tan Phong Ward, District 7, Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam
Tel: (8428) 3770-0651; 3770-0652
Fax: (8428) 3770-0661


Central Trading & Development Group (CT&D) was established in September of 1989. During this period, Vietnam opened the door for calling foreign investment. CT&D management team, with its foresight, flexible strategy making, and professional and astute business acumen, studied investment opportunities and finally established Tan Thuan Corporation (Tan Thuan Export Processing Zone), Phu My Hung Development Corporation (Phu My Hung City Center) and Hiep Phuoc Power Company (Hiep Phuoc powerplant).

The Central Trading & Development Group (CT&D Group) is a Taipei-based company formed by a group of international entrepreneurs who have played a significant role in the extraordinary economic transformation of Taiwan, and who have demonstrated the ability to successfully anticipate and capitalize on the rapid changes in the Asian business world. The management team of CT & D Group possesses the necessary ingredients for success–a long-term vision, resourcefulness, perseverance, and professional management.

CT&D’s Corporate Philosophy

CT&D’s philosophy could best be described by: “ask not what we can take away, but what we can leave behind.” Meeting the needs of the local people and the government has been the foundation of CT&D’s investment strategy.

To achieve this objective, CT&D has adhered to its policy of innovation, efficiency, reliability and simplicity in all of its investments and has, thus far, been successful.

Central Trading & Development Group (CT&D)
18F., No.4, Sec. 1, Chung Hsiao W. Road, Taipei (100) Taiwan, R. O. C
Điện thoại: (886-2) 2311-9933 – Fax: (886-2) 2388-1116

Phu My Hung Development Corporation
10F, Lawrence S. Ting building, 801 Nguyen Van Linh parkway, Tan Phu ward, Dist. 7, Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam
Tel: (8428) 5411-9999
Fax: (8428) 5411-5999

logo cty tan thuan

Tan Thuan Corporation (TTC)
Tan Thuan East Ward, District 7, Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam
Tel: (8428) 3770-1777; 3770-1888
Fax: (8428) 3770-1999

Hiep Phuoc-logo

Hiep Phuoc Power Company Ltd(HIPC)
99 Phan Van Bay Street, Hamlet 1, Hiep Phuoc Village, Nha Be County, Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam
Tel: (8428) 3780-0345; 3780-0350
Fax: (8428) 3780-0341



Phu My Hung Corp. builds the 17.8 km long, 120m wide, 10-lane Nguyen Van Linh Parkway (six high-speed and four mixed lanes). As for the section through Phu My Hung New City Center, there are 14 lanes. The 18m~36m wide green land in the middle of the Parkway is reserved for metro projects and future expansion plans. This Parkway, which is newly-built across the marsh land of Nha Be County (District 7 now), District 8 and Binh Chanh County, has become the artery to transport goods from HoChiMinh City to the Mekong Delta, and opened a new opportunity to expand HoChiMinh City southwards according to the urban project approved by the Government. It also plays an important catalyst to propel the HoChiMinh City southern urbanization, changes a large number of farmers to become city-dwellers and the marshland into a modern city, boosting the economic development of the entire Southern areas and HoChiMinh City. In the near future, Nguyen Van Linh Parkway will connect District 7 with District 2 through Phu My Bridge, linking Eastern and Western provinces. Nguyen Van Linh Parkway was built in three stages. The first 2-lanes were completed in 1998; the second 4~6 lanes in 2003, and entire 10-lane parkway was fully inaugurated on Dec. 30th, 2007. On this memorable occasion, Phu My Hung Corp. was honorably awarded the first grade Labor Medal by the Vietnamese Government.

Phu My Hung Corp. builds the infrastructure of 150 ha of land for community uses, and hands it over to HoChiMinh City People s’ Committee.

Phu My Hung Corp. develops five modern urban complexes (named site A, B, C, D & E) along Nguyen Van Linh Parkway. This massive project has been considered the first step in the expansion plan of HoChiMinh City towards the East Sea.

The 5 urban development sites by Phu My Hung Corp:
1. Phu My Hung New City Center (Site A – 409ha)
2. University Place (Site B – 95ha)
3. Hi-Tech Center (Site C – 46ha)
4. Merchandise Center I (Site D – 85ha)
5. Merchandise Center II (Site E – 115ha)



Beginning period of Phu My Hung City Center

Ong Lon Bridge on Nguyen Van Linh Parkway
Ong Lon Bridge on Nguyen Van Linh Parkway
Star light bridge connecting the Canal District to the Crescent
Star light bridge connecting the Canal District to the Crescent

The New City Center (Saigon South) Master Plan presents a historic opportunity for Vietnam and HoChiMinh City to re-establish its position in the global economy while creating a modern well-planned city that can become the most desirable international business location in Southeast Asia.

On the land area of 2,600 ha situating in parallel with HoChiMinh City to the South, Phu My Hung Corp. has been permitted to develop 750ha of land to build a model city. Designed by Skidmore, Owings & Merrill (USA), the New City Center was approved by Vietnam’s Prime Minister on December 8th, 1994. In addition, the government also signed the Decision on March 3rd, 1995, to establish the Management Authority for Southern Area Development of HoChiMinh City (MASD) with a “one-stop application procedure” in the New City Center.

Canal District Park
Canal District Park
The Long Park in the Southside District
The Long Park in the Southside District

The New City Center (Saigon South) is the first step in the envisioned expansion of HoChiMinh City’s growing metropolis. The development of the New City Center is a key component of Vietnam’s comprehensive plans for the Southern Focal Economic Area (SFEA) that includes HoChiMinh City, Dong Nai, Ba Ria Vung Tau province. The SFEA and Phu My Hung New Urban Development are poised to become a center for international finance, trade, accommodation, entertainment, cultural, scientific, high technological and tourism development in Vietnam. This urban plan will accommodate future demands and a projected increase in population to 10 million people over the next decade.

Vietnam’s Prime Minister has endorsed this master plan and declared the new development, “a new urban center develops in parallel with the existing center and plays an integral part in the development of HoChiMinh City. It is a center for commerce, finance, services, science, cultures, education, accommodation, entertainment and transportation, etc., supporting the development of the existing city and playing as a propelling force for the HoChiMinh CitySouthern and Eastern expansion. (Extracted from Decision 749/TTg, by the Prime Minister on December 8, 1994)


In July 1993, Phu My Hung Corp. hosted an international urban design competition for the new urban development project. The winners and creators of the award-winning master plan were a team of respected architectural firms.
SKIDMORE, OWINGS & MERRILL (San-Francisco – USA) – Master Planner
KOETTER, KIM & ASSOCIATES (Boston – A) – Master plan advisor and Site A (New City Center) detailed design
KENZO TANGE ASSOCIATES (Tokyo – Japan) – Master plan advisor and Site B, C & D detailed design

A modern city developed within an environmental framework is the unique identity and attractiveness of this New City Center. The existing greenery will be re-created for parks, reserves, golf course, entertainment amenities. It is the city’s great interest to protect its environment features while providing for growth and development. The existing waterways will form a system of “green fingers” between the development sites. These will provide a relief to the density of urban development. That is one of the most outstanding features that helps Phu My Hung New City Center win the two honorable awards for best urban design: The Progressive Architecture Citation in 1995 and the American Institute of Architecture (AIA) honor award in 1997. The AIA jury described, “This project has its roots in the history of city making with its geometry derived from the history of the land. It serves as an example for other mega-developments that are occurring in areas like Southeast Asia.” The Phu My Hung New City Center is the first Asian city to win this award.

After over 15 years of development, “Site A – Phu My Hung New City Center” has taken into shape with modern architectures in harmony with the well-built infrastructure and has set a new living standard in Ho Chi Minh City. On June 26th, 2008, The Minister of Construction Nguyen Hong Quan and HoChiMinh City People’s Committee Chairman Le Hoang Quan presented Phu My Hung the Certificate to recognize Phu My Hung “A new model city” as stated in the Decision 860/QĐ-BXD


Phu My Hung City Center (Site A)

– Nguyen Van Linh Parkway is the central infrastructure project of the New City Center. The road will become an important east-west connection from National Highway 1 to District 2 and eastern provinces. This 17.8km long parkway is a 10-lane road with six fast-speed lanes and four mixed-used lanes allowing for slow auto, motorbike, and bicycle traffic (except for the 14 lanes of the section through Site A). There is also a land reserve of 18~36 meters in the center for future transit or road expansion.

– Being newly built across the marshland of Nha Be County (District 7 now), District 8 and Binh Chanh County, Nguyen Van Linh Parkway has become the artery to transport goods from HoChiMinh City to the Mekong Delta areas and opened a new opportunity for HoChiMinh City Southern expansion according to the approved plan. This route has also played an important role to propel the urbanization, economic development of the entire Southern areas and HoChiMinh City.

– Phu My Hung New City Center is located south of existing HoChiMinh City across the Doi Canal. There are several existing and new bridges to the existing city – Tan Thuan Bridge, Y-shaped Bridge, Nguyen Tri Phuong Bridge, Ong Lanh Bridge, Kenh Te Bridge (operation in 2004). There are also new routes being built like Nguyen Van Cu bridge linking Dist.5 to Dist.7, Phu My bridge connecting Dist. 7 to Dist. 2, helping to improve the traffic network from Phu My Hung to other districts, the Eastern and Southern provinces of Vietnam.

– In addition, the streets of the New City Center have variety and interest while maintaining accessibility throughout the city. The 17.5m~48m streets are organized in a grid system that provides efficient movement. Streets are typically oriented to special amenities and are landscaped to provide shade and comfort for pedestrian movement.


Phu My Hung is a modern New City Center, built from the marshland in the south of HoChiMinh City. Through 20 years of development, there have been many important facts, which have marked the changes of the land and achievements through the great efforts of the investors and the government.

Here is the brief introduction of the important milestones:


The investment licence granted


Phu My Hung Corp. organized an international urban design contest. Skidmore, Owings & Merrill (San-Francisco, USA) was chosen as the master planner, together with the technical support and consultancy from Koetter, Kim & Associates (Boston, USA) and Kenzo Tange Associates (Tokyo, Japan)


The new urban development project was presented to the American Institue of Architects and World Bank as “a sustainable development”


Master Plan was approved by the Prime Minister Vo Van Kiet


Won the Progressive Architecture Citation in 1995.


The Prime Minister issued the Decision to form the Management Authority for the Southern Area Development of HoChiMinh City (MASD).


Young Architect contest about Saigon South


Infrastructure works began


Nguyen Van Linh Parkway ground-breaking ceremony was honorably attended by Former Prime Minister Vo Van Kiet


Saigon South People-Founded School was granted the licence. The Japanese School was also licensed and temporarily operated in the same campus with Saigon South School.


The master plan won the honored award of the American Institute of Architects for best urban design. This is the first Asian city to win this award.


Saigon South International School (SSIS) started its first school year


MASD was established with a “one-door” paper procedure applied for investors in Phu My Hung New City Center


The first 100% foreign owned investment was granted the license.


The agreement to set up a Korean School in Phu My Hung was signed


Prime Minister presented a Certificate of Merit to Phu My Hung Corp. for building Nguyen Van Linh Parkway, contributing to HoChiMinh City social & economic development


Nguyen Van Linh Parkway 1st phase technical inauguration ceremony


Thanh Nien newspapers highlighted on the main page, “HoChiMinh City has turned its development to the south”.


Prime Minister Phan Van Khai and HoChiMinh City People’s Committee’s leaders surveyed Nguyen Van Linh Parkway.


Nguyen Van Linh Parkway 1st phase official inauguration ceremony


The Communist Party Leader Nong Duc Manh visited and worked with Phu My Hung Corp.


Ground-breaking ceremony for Nguyen Van Linh Parkway 2nd phase expansion (4-6 lanes)


The Vice State President Nguyen Thi Binh visited and worked with Phu My Hung Corp.


Phu My Hung Corp. officially handed the Saigon South People-Founded school over to HoChiMinh City Education & Training Department


Phu My Hung Corp. and the Management Board were awarded the HoChiMinh City’s People Committee traditional flag, Certificate of Merit and HoChiMinh City Badge.


Ceremony of Phu My Hung Corp.’s 10 years of development


Nguyen Van Linh Parkway – 2nd phase Inauguration Ceremony


Ground-breaking Ceremony of Nguyen Van Linh Parkway 3rd phase expansion.


The first Lawrence S. Ting Charity Walk

3/2006Establishing Lawrence S. Ting Memorial Fund

The vice State President Truong My Hoa visited and worked with Phu My Hung Corp. and Lawrence S. Ting Memorial Fund.


Phu My Hung Corp. sponsored the 1st national event of Vietnam’s typical cultured family in Ha Noi.


Phu My Hung received the “Vietnam Gold Star Award” from Vietnam Young Business Association, Vietnam Youth Union Association, and the Industry & Commerce Ministry.


Receiving the Certificate of “HoChiMinh City Typical Buisness in 2007” by HoChiMinh City’s People Committee for excellently contributing to the HoChiMinh City’s social-economic development, according to the Decision No.# 4606/QĐ-UBND on Oct. 10, 2007.


Nguyen Van Linh Parkway Completion Ceremony. Mr. Lawrence S. Ting and Mr. Tsien Peng Lun were posthumosthly awarded “the Friendship Medal”. Phu My Hung Corp. was granted the first-class Labor Order as the signed Decision 1680/2007/QD-CTN by State President Nguyen Minh Triet for an outstanding performance in building Nguyen Van Linh Parkway with significant contributions to the city’s socio-economic development


Winning the prize of “one of 10 biggest businesses” in the prize of “Business Star” presented by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Jan. 7th, 2008.

5/200815th year of Phu My Hung ‘s development
6/2008Lawrence S. Ting School being granted the license

Phu My Hung City Center was recognized as “The Model City” according to the Decision No.860/QĐ-BXD on June 19th, 2008 by the Construction Minister Nguyen Hong Quan.

9/2008The first school year of Lawrence S. Ting School
4/2009Phu My Hung Corp. received Sao Khue Award 2009 for “The Best Information Technology & Software Deployment”
4/2010Inaugurating Star Light Bridge – linking The International Commercial and Financial District with The Crescent District
1/2012Phu My Hung Corp. opened The Crescent Mall
10/2012Phu My Hung City Center received The Global Awards for Excellence from Urban Land Institute – USA.
3/2013Phu My Hung Joint Venture Limited Liability Corporation changed its name to Phu My Hung Development Corporation (Phu My Hung Corp.)
5/201320th anniversary of Phu My Hung Development Corporation (19/5/1993 – 19/5/2013); Phu My Hung Corp. was granted the first-class Labor Order by State President Truong Tan Sang for an outstanding achievement on building Phu My Hung City Center.
6/2013Starlight Bridge, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam awarded the Arthur G. Hayden Medal, recognizing a single recent outstanding achievement in bridge engineering demonstrating vision and innovation in special use bridges.
27/3/2014Crescent Mall received the Award for one of 2013’s five leading shopping malls in HCMC from Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism at the Honoring Event of HCMC Tourism 2014.
14/04/2018Phu My Hung is honored “The most prestigious real estate developer” and “The best urban area” of Vietnam National Property Awards 2018 held by Vietnam National Real Estate Association (VNREA) and Housing and Real Estate Market Management (Ministry of Construction)