Why does saigon south residences become such a hot sale?  

Why does saigon south residences become such a hot sale?  

 On 23rd October, in only two hours, 100% apartments in Block A building in Saigon South Residences were completely sold right after Phu My Hung Development Corporation officially opened it for sale. This time, the number of visitors were three times higher than the total amount of apartments. Thus, one part of Block B building with around 200 apartments was also decided to open for sale and this was, too, sold out.  Why does Saigon South Residences become such a hot sale like this?

According to financial experts, there are four main reasons that make Saigon South Residences the main focus for customers in not only Southern area but also Hanoi and even foreigners.

1.This is the good price for mid-class apartments

Saigon South Residences is the first affordable residential project developed by Phu My Hung. With only about 2 billions VND, customers can own a two-bedroom apartment with total area of larger than 70 sq. meters. There are 68% of Saigon South Residences apartments possess 02 bedrooms with common area of 60 to 70 sq. meters. The remaining includes three-bedroom apartments with 87-97 sq. meters common area. The price varies from 1.954 billion to 3.3 billion VND per apartment (VAT and maintenance fee included). “This is the good price for mid-class apartments, which makes it quite affordable to customers and still get recognized by trusted investor. As a result, it is easy to understand why Saigon South Residences project appeals to customers that much.”, said a financial expert.

2.Attractive payment schedule at only 1% per month

With Saigon South Residences, home-buyers are offered with 38-month loan tenure starting from deposit time until apartment delivery date with 50% apartment value prepaid. Deposit is made at 15% rate and divided into 2 payment dates with 60 days apart. The Purchase contract will be signed with 5% value 6 months later, which is 06/2017. From the signing date until apartment delivery date which is 10/2019, the total amount of payment made is 30% with average interest rate at 1%/month equivalent to 20 mil. dong. The rest of 45% will be paid on the date of apartment delivery, at the end of 2019. And the remaining 5% will be paid at the same time house-buyers receive property deeds. It can be said that the investor is making it easy for customers to own a Saigon South Residences apartment by providing very pleasant payment schedule with only 20 million dong monthly payment.

3.Attractive housing loan interest rate offered

Saigon South Residences project not only features attractive payment schedule but also gets support from 30 major banks. Among these banks, the most noticeable one offering considerably low interest rate is Shinhan Bank – the leading bank in Korea. “With strong advantage of urban development and residential benefits from Phu My Hung, Shinhan Bank believes that Saigon South Residences can bring a satisfyingly convenient and modern living atmosphere to customers, particularly young couples. In order to support home-buyers to own their dream apartments, Shinhan Bank decided to provide exclusively attractive interest rate at 6.45% p.a. first year fixed rate or 7.8% p.a. fixed rate of first 3 years.”, said Ms. Pham Thi Anh Thu, Retail Business Development Manager, Shinhan Bank. Also, from experts’ perspective, Shinhan Bank’s current interest rates offering for Saigon South Residences project can be considered as one of the lowest ones for this housing loan segment.

A major plus for Saigon South Residences is residential amenities integration. Among 69 amenities inside project, there are never-before-seen features in Phu My Hung such as: multi-purposes sports field, infinity swimming pool with interactive water sports complex 1,700 m2 wide. Also, Saigon South Residences locates in the center of Saigon South with international standard public amenities including SC Vivo City, Crescent Mall, FV Hospital, Saigon South International School, Ton Duc Thang University, Saigon Exhibition and Convention Center, etc.
What’s more is the project is at the core center of Saigon South which is having immensely strong facilities development.  Besides Nguyen Van Linh Boulevard with 120 m2 wide and Phu My Bridge, other major and modern constructions are under deployment in the South of the area turning this place a dream land for real estate activities.